Treatment Aftercare

Welcome to your treatment aftercare page. This is a point of reference following your appointments to care for your new Lashes, Brows & Skin to get the best results & longevity for your treatments. Any questions please ask.

Lash Extensions
  • Avoid getting lash extensions wet for 24hrs post appointment. This is so lash adhesive can cure & form a bond to the natural lash.

  • Avoid steam treatments for 48hrs- sauna, steam rooms & be careful of cooking steam  produced from hob & bursts of steam from opening the oven door.

  • Avoid using any Oil based products around the eyes. Products containing oil affect the bond & can cause premature loss of lash extension.

  • Avoid using Mascara & a  build up of make up. Use water based & soluble make up products. Do not apply mascara to Russian lashes as it will close the fans & cause a build up of makeup which spoils the effect, gets caught in extensions, makes it difficult to clean & cause premature lash shedding.

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes. 

  • Do not pick & pull lashes. Lash extensions are attached to the natural lash, picking & pulling  can trigger irritation & pull out the natural lash with the extension. 

  • Be mindful of sleeping position - avoid sleeping on your face.

  • Do comb lash extensions daily.

  • Do keep Lashes clean - using an oil free foaming cleanser & soft lash cleansing brush. Keeping the lashes clean is important for the health of your eyes & helps the longevity of the lash life. 

  • Do Schedule lash infill appointments ahead of time.Infills are recommended every 2-3 wks to keep them looking at their best- booking ahead gives more likelihood of preferred appointment times & can look forward to Lash Day & avoids last minute lash eye-mergencies!

How to clean lash extensions?

Use an oil free cleanser & soft cleansing brush.  Pump a small amount of cleanser to clean wet brush. With the eye closed gently wash in a downward motion over the eyelid & along the lash line. Rinse with fresh water until all product is removed. Pat dry & comb through to place & fan out lashes. 


LVL is a low maintenance lash treatment meaning there is no need for appointments between treatments. The results last 6-8 weeks & grow out with the natural lash cycle.

However, for the first 24hrs after you LVL treatment it is important to follow aftercare whilst the lashes set into place ensuring best results. After the 24hr period you can wash & comb through lashes & apply make up if you wish to do so. 

For first full 24hrs
  • Avoid water & keep lashes completely dry.

  • Avoid all steam treatments, swimming, exercise causing perspiration.

  • Be careful with cooking steams ensuring heat & moisture do not come in contact with lashes. 

  • Ensure lashes are not manipulated into different position. 

  • Avoid sleeping on lashes.

  • Do comb lashes daily.

  • Invest in a lash conditioning serum to use between treatments to keep the natural lashes nourished & hydrated.

Brow Lamination

A similar process to a lash lift for the brows with similar aftercare to follow your treatment. It is particularly important to keep the brows hydrated following treatment. 

For first full 24hrs
  • Avoid water & keep Brows completely dry.

  • Avoid all steam treatments, swimming & exercise causing perspiration.

  • Be careful with cooking steams ensuring heat & moisture do not come in contact with brows. 

  • Avoid rubbing area.

  • Do comb brows daily with a brow conditioner. This allows for easier styling & is important to keep the brow hairs nourished.

  • Invest in a conditioning serum to use between treatments to keep the natural brows nourished & hydrated.

  • Between lamination appointments schedule brow tidy to maintain a nice defined shape.


Guidelines to care for your skin following wax treatments. For new wax clients it can take a few appointments for hair growth to establish a regular cycle as hair grows at different rates. Regrowth needs to be about 0.5cm to allow wax to pick hairs up, this can take 2-6wks depending on previous method of hair removal & appointments to be booked accordingly. Once a regular pattern of regrowth is established the growth slows down over time meaning longer between appointments & longer lasting results so worth sticking with! (No pun intended!)

For first full 24hrs
  • Keep waxed area clean & dry.

  • Avoid heat treatments & friction.

  • Avoid Exercise & swimming.

  • Avoid touching the area as pores can still be open.

  • Avoid applying products to freshly waxed skin - ie; make up, deodorant, body lotion & perfume.

  • Wear lose clothing on the day of appointment.

  • Do exfoliate & moisture between appointments for supple skin & will help achieve effective removal. 

  • Do schedule maintenance appointments to keep on top of regrowth.

Any questions pre or post treatments please ask, happy to help.