Appointment & Booking Policies
Arrival Time

Please arrive for appointments on time.

If you arrive early please wait incase I am still with my previous client, you are welcome to let me know you are early & if my previous appointment has finished I may be ready to start. 

If you are running late for appointment please let me know- in some circumstances I may be able to give 10-15 minutes grace & your treatment time may have to be cut down.  After this time appointment may need to be rescheduled as it may affect the ability to carry out full service. 

Lateness can have a knock on affect to the running of my diary, I do understand life happens so will discuss on arrival how to manage the appointment.

If for any reason I am running behind with a previous appointment as on occasion this does happen, I will not cut down your treatment time & will be my responsibility to manage diary for the remainder of the day. 


If you need to reschedule an appointment I am happy to accommodate where possible. I politely ask you give as much notice as possible & at least 24hrs before scheduled appointment so I can offer the time to someone else.

Clients that repeatedly book appointments & reschedule with short notice will be asked to pay a non refundable bookng fee to secure future appointments. Booking fees will be taken off the treatment total. My business is run by diary & time, if I can not fill last minute changes it has an impact on my business.

Sickness & Emergencies

On occasion we get caught out with sickness or emergencies. We are all human & as a mum of three I may have those days too! I accept there will be exceptions on the basis of situations beyond control. Regular occurrences may result in secure booking fee as outlined in rescheduling policy.


If you wish to cancel & not re-book an appointment please give as much notice as possible but at least 24hrs before booking. Not doing so will mean any future bookings will require a non refundable booking fee which will be taken off your treatment total as outlined in rescheduling. This covers my loss of time. Regular last minute cancellations may forfeit being able to re-book treatments with me so I can offer these times to other clients.

No Shows

If you can not make an appointment Please have the courtesy to get in touch. I send out confirmation messages the day before scheduled appointments to prevent missed appointments. I am always grateful if you can respond & confirm you will be attending . If you are unable to keep an appointment early notice is much appreciated. Unattended appointments without notice may require pre payment for future bookings. Regular occurrence will result in forfeiting being able to re-book.  

Other Lash Artist Infills

If you have had lash extensions from another artist & want them infilled I will ask a few details before booking. I am happy to book in consultation appointments to assess the remaining lashes. If I think its possible to safely infill with a nice result I will offer this but in many cases does mean re-booking for lash removal & New set.

Out of Hours Appointments

Desperate need of last minute lash top ups or wax appointment out side my working hours may be subject to a small additional out of hours fee. If I can accommodate I will & may require pre payment depending on the booking.


All treatments & services are non refundable. Providing treatments & services has product costs & time built into to the overall price. If for any reason there has been an issue with the results of your treatment please get in touch. I have a 72hr fix policy for you to raise concerns & I will offer for you to return to see me to assess, troubleshoot & fix the problem. After 72hrs the fix policy will not apply & normal service resumes.

Personal Information

For Appointments you are asked to fill out a consultation form with personal information, this information is for the purpose of the treatment to be carried out safely & are inline with my insurance & GDPR. No information is shared with anyone else & is important to inform me of any changes that may affect how your treatments are carried out. Conversations in the treatment room are also confidential.