Our eyebrows frame our faces adding definition & structure. Grooming & colouring the brows to make a subtle difference or something a little more noticeable is a personal preference. There is a saying 'eyebrows are sisters not twins' meaning unless you have a perfectly symmetrical face it is unlikely both eyebrows be completely the same. Offering  treatments to create a beautiful Brow working with the natural hair growth to achieve the best natural & flattering shape.


*Patch test is required at least 48hrs before treatment.


Brow Lamination is a new treatment which restructures brow hairs giving more flexibility with grooming & shaping. Its a process to redirect hairs which helps to create arches, fill gaps, tame unruly hairs or give body & definition. Brows can be brushed up to create a fuller look or down into a more uniform placement depending on your style. The results last up to 8 weeks.

BROW LAMINATION -without tint
BROW LAMINATION - with tint*
BROW LAMINATION - with tint & shape*

*Patch test is required at least 48hrs before treatment.